Agresearch Lead is a consultancy firm with wide range of expertise in socio-economic surveys deploying quantitative and qualitative techniques, Project evaluation, Market Research, Monitoring and Evaluation systems development and Human capacity development. The Firm has successfully deployed participatory tools, gender inclusive approaches and inclusiveness of People living with Disability (PLWD) in assignment delivery. We also deploy digital data collection techniques using software such as KoBoCollect, ODK among others on smart phones for quantitative data collection. Quality assurance and ensuring integrity of data collected during our research assignments are key priority to us and our clients as such we have inbuilt systems in our data collection and analysis processes.

What We Offer

Socio-economic research surveys

Successfully deployed quantitative and qualitative approaches in data collection in Ghana and has a well-resourced team with agricultural, Educational and Health related backgrounds

Project Evaluation and impact assessments

The firm has monitoring and evaluation experts skilled in the deployment of participatory monitoring and evaluation approaches.

Market research

We provided services in the health sector, consumer goods and has worked closely with value chain actors in the shea, cocoa, baobab, poultry and vegetable sectors.

Monitoring and Evaluation Hub

The firm builds the capacities of M&E officers and Planning Officers using gender inclusive and practical learning methodologies to aid the officers monitor and evaluate donor funded projects in Ghana

Monitoring and Evaluation systems development

We have a solid foundation and practical experience in the establishment of monitoring and evaluation systems for international organizations.

Organizational Development

we provide OD services to organizations such as Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCA) to identify areas that require OD interventions and using the outcome of the assessment to develop strategies for the organizations.

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We are on a mission to bring the world closer together through digital and innovative research approaches and training services to partners.
Best M&E solutions

Agresearch lead for the past years has supported monitoring and evaluation system development such areas designing M&E tools, reviewing M&E/MEL frameworks, Digital M&E solutions, quarterly and annual reporting systems among others to international organizations on USAID, European Union funded, GIZ Ghana projects among others.