Core Areas and Service Provision

Research Areas

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Socio-economic Research surveys

Agresearch lead has over the years worked with teams and other consultants on socio-economic surveys. The team of in-house and associate consultants have different expertise and backgrounds ranging from Agriculture, climate change, Public Health, WASH, Education and social protection. The firm has over 450 enumerators (60% women representation). The firm together with other firms have worked collaboratively with the Arizona State University, International Fertilizer Development Center, Care International Ghana, Integrated Water and Agricultural Development (IWAD), International Food Policy Research Institute among others.
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Project monitoring and Evaluation and impact assessments

The firm is skilled in project evaluations and impact assessments. Together with other firms, Agresearch Lead carried out data collection for the impact assessments for the Rural Enterprise program (REP), Evaluate the extension methods for the Market Development Programme in Northern Ghana (Made), conduct an endline evaluation of the Northern Ghana Climate Resilience Programme (NGCRP) using the quasi-experimental design among others. The firm is made up of certified monitoring and evaluation practitioners taking into consideration women inclusivity and the use of participatory monitoring and evaluation approaches.
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Market Research

Understanding the market dynamics and consumer insights especially in the Ghanaian context is very important. Team members within Agresearch lead provided services to the Neilsen Ghana to collect data on family planning products, malaria test kits and zinc supplements under the USAID Shops Project. The firm has worked closely with value chain actors in the shea, cocoa, baobab, poultry and vegetable sectors.
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Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Agresearch has associate consultants with vast experience in environmental impact assessment. The firm consist of qualified consultants with PhD and Masters with certification in Strategic Environmental assessment. The team has worked closely with the District Assemblies in Ghana understanding the decentralization systems and the application of SEA concepts to enhance environmental and climate smart planning.

Capacity building areas

Monitoring and Evaluation innovation Hub

Agresearch lead is well resourced with M&E practitioners who understand the implications of M&E in project management. The team has worked largely on Donor-funded projects, CSOs and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies on Monitoring and evaluation. The primary target for this component is the District Planning Officers to enhance the Medium Term Development Planning process, the Civil Society Organizations to enhance their capacity in applying the participatory monitoring and evaluation tools in indicator performance monitoring of donor funded projects in Ghana and beyond.

Organizational Development

Agresearch Lead has a team of certified Organizational Development Advisors with extensive experience in the deployment of Organizational Development instruments such as the OCAT among others. Agresearch Lead provided services to the Catholic Diocesan in the Savannah region of Ghana assisting the institution identify areas that require Organizational Development (OD) interventions and subsequently assisted in the implementation of the strategies.

Monitoring and Evaluation systems development

Agresearch lead for the past years has supported monitoring and evaluation system development by designing M&E tools, reviewing M&E/MEL frameworks, providing digital M&E solutions, establishing quarterly and annual reporting systems, development of indicator trackers among others to international organizations on USAID, European Union funded, GIZ Ghana projects among others. The firm comprise of certified Monitoring and Evaluation consultants with extensive experience in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation.


Data Transcription

Agresearch lead team comprises of a team of transcribers who have received in-house trainings on audio transcriptions and qualitative data validation. The team has provided services to donor-funded projects such as International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), Arizona State University, Care International, EnCompass, Made, among others by transcribing audios from English to word or from local Ghanaian languages to English on word. The team also transcribed audios from interviews conducted in Uganda and Kenya.

Tree planting and monitoring

The team of in-house and associates has in over the past years embarked on tree planting exercises and subsequently monitoring for survival and replacement. The team has successfully deployed digital means of monitoring by use of GPS devices to pick points to facilitate monitoring.