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Market Research

The Agresearch Lead team conducted a market research study to understand the market dynamics of the shea butter, cocoa butter, and the Black soap industry in the northern and southern part of Ghana.  The team looked at the production capacities, certification, and mode of operations of these industries in Ghana. Largely, these activities are women activities and the objective of this study is to identify ways by which the economic opportunities of the women can be strenghthened to help improve livelihood of women in Northern Ghana.

The activities the team carried out were;

  • Hold inception meeting on how to approach the assignment.
  • Recruitment of enumerators
  • Training of enumerators
  • Data collection
  • Analysis of data
  • Providing feedback to client

5 thoughts on “Market Research

  1. Abdul Latif says:

    Great team work 👌

  2. Abdul Latif says:

    Great work

  3. Mohammed Jamaldeen Gariba says:

    Nice one

  4. Faustin says:

    Good work done.

  5. Abdul-Salam Failu says:

    Good work guys

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